Friday, March 7, 2014

Mega Update

It's been a long time since this has been updated so there's much to post. First, we have a number of splits coming out this year with these bands:

Rabid Pigs from Pittsburgh (Rotten to the Core Records)

God's America from Las Vegas

Youth Violence from Hungary (Black Void, Saucepan, Pizza Days + 2 more labels)

MDFL from Cleveland

All the tracks for these splits were recorded at Dead Air Studios in Amherst, MA and have been mastered by Will Killingsworth.


April 24th-27th we will be doing a weekend including Forward Ohio.
April 24th-Cincinnati, OH Rake's End (w/ Knife the Symphony, Southern State and Clouded)
April 25th-Athens, OH - The Union (acrn lobsterfest w/ tons of bands, including Black Dice)
April 26th-Columbus, OH (Forward Ohio w/ Tons of Bands, including Oi Polloi)
April 27th-Ft. Wayne, IN 3054 east state (w/ KDC, Na'kay, Swamp Squat, Fedallah)
(any help with these dates would be appreciated)

May 1st-cleveland taxidermy palace w/ Spinach (RI fastcore)

May 19th - Cleveland, Now That's Class w/ Coffins

June 22nd - Cleveland, Now That's Class w/ Rabid Pigs, Chest Pain

Here, you can find more info and the line up for forward Ohio.

Here, you can find more info on lobsterfest.

Finally, I'm going to create a bandcamp at long last for this band so that our music can be easily accessed and downloaded.

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