Saturday, March 29, 2014

shirts $5 old school ass snail mail

We have a few of our old shirts left over. All are size LARGE and would make excellent backpatches if you're so inclined. $5 snail mail preferred because I don't know how to use paypal. This money will be used to pay for a new batch of shirts. One design is vultures nibbling on a corpse and the other is the best author and prolific poet Charles Bukowski, cold chillin' in a graveyard, throwin' up the dueces. They're classy designs. We have Bukowski on black or brown shirts. Vultures on black with red or yellow ink. Email to get one! They're cheap as hell and will be sent in a timely manner!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Mega Update

It's been a long time since this has been updated so there's much to post. First, we have a number of splits coming out this year with these bands:

Rabid Pigs from Pittsburgh (Rotten to the Core Records)

God's America from Las Vegas

Youth Violence from Hungary (Black Void, Saucepan, Pizza Days + 2 more labels)

MDFL from Cleveland

All the tracks for these splits were recorded at Dead Air Studios in Amherst, MA and have been mastered by Will Killingsworth.


April 24th-27th we will be doing a weekend including Forward Ohio.
April 24th-Cincinnati, OH Rake's End (w/ Knife the Symphony, Southern State and Clouded)
April 25th-Athens, OH - The Union (acrn lobsterfest w/ tons of bands, including Black Dice)
April 26th-Columbus, OH (Forward Ohio w/ Tons of Bands, including Oi Polloi)
April 27th-Ft. Wayne, IN 3054 east state (w/ KDC, Na'kay, Swamp Squat, Fedallah)
(any help with these dates would be appreciated)

May 1st-cleveland taxidermy palace w/ Spinach (RI fastcore)

May 19th - Cleveland, Now That's Class w/ Coffins

June 22nd - Cleveland, Now That's Class w/ Rabid Pigs, Chest Pain

Here, you can find more info and the line up for forward Ohio.

Here, you can find more info on lobsterfest.

Finally, I'm going to create a bandcamp at long last for this band so that our music can be easily accessed and downloaded.